A Tragic End With A New Beginning.


Good morning C4OCRADIO listeners, this is the Denster, owner operator of a c4ocradio.net LLC.

 I just wanted to write a blog to let the readers know that we recently have lost our main blogger and editor and chief the crow Lonniel Stelly Back in November 12, 2021



We had a hard time thinking what we were going to do about the blog section of our website and we decided to continue writing blogs, but our new editor in chief will be Rockin Ron Farrell Jr.

Rockin Ron’s Music Group

from Rockin Ron‘s review page on Facebook. He’s going to start blogging about all the musicians that he hosts on his show and bring them to our blog site! So now we will have more interesting reads and informative blogs about the local music scene and specific musicians all over the globe.


  Also continue to listen to all of our live shows, such as the morning sunrise show with your host me Denster, the House of metal radio show, the bone daddy blues Sunday radio show and meet me at the tiki with Zachary Nevel. We are also getting ready to launch a rap hip-hop show in March so stay tune for that. We are also apart of the Global Enlightenment Radio Network. So please continue to read, share, like and comment on our blog site.

Thank you, Denster

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