Work All Day

Rockin Ron’s featured artist this week is coming straight Outta Vegas bringing ripples in the rap industry worldwide. YoungPromissYP is writing and recording her own songs !! Every song she’s recording is blasting off and taking the Rap and R&B industry by storm . She’s definitely a true story of coming from nothing to building her own Empire Work All Day Record’s, WAD Squad Clothing and much more . YoungPromissYP has A very long extensive music catalog check out Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,Facebook, , Apple Play , Pandora pretty much every musical platform on the planet. YoungPromissYP also hosts The Real Spit Talk Show on YouTube be sure to check it out she’s definitely the type of artist that interacts with her fans. YoungPromissYP is C4OCRadio’s newest female rap artist and she’s definitely growing a fan base fast . So please check out YoungPromissYP on Facebook & YouTube please like, share, follow, subscribe & hit that notification bell

🔔. I’ve come to the conclusion she’s probably one of the hardest working female artist out there today . YoungPromissYP !! Her moto is All Day !! Every Day!! Absolutely C4OC ARMY 🤘🏼🎧🤘🏼

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