LIT SOUT, True American Rock & Roll

Litsoul is a Southern California Rock Band that is taking the world by storm !! Their creative style of writing and electrifying stage presences is make this band stand out !! Litsoul has 8 albums out now this band is constantly working to bring the world great music . Rob Chevelle vocals & Guitar, Ty Dennis Drums, Johnny Fortune League Guitar , Daniel Thomas Bass Guitar. Litsoul is a full time touring band with a global fan base their music is on pretty much every musical platform on the planet . Valkyrie is their latest  masterpiece in the making this album should be released very soon . Litsoul currently has eight albums out for your enjoyment check out ITunes , Spotify. 

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, Facebook, YouTube , . Definitely check out their newest release When Hearts Pull Daggers one of my personal favorite Litsoul albums !! Litsoul concerts & album information is regularly updated on their Facebook page definitely jump over like , share and follow jump in and check out a LITSOUL concert grab yourself a few awesome CD’s and some awesome LITSOUL merchandise . & Rockin Ron’s Music Reviews Recommends the Litsoul American Rock&Roll At It’s Best !!  C4OC ARMY🤘🏼

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